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The Dana 60 rear axle with 4.10 and down carrier and 35 spline axle shafts is an extremely popular configuration and has been used by Ford, GM, and Jeep since the early 1980s. 35 Spline Dana 60 axles are often referred to as Dana 60HD ("heavy duty") axles. All of the parts listed on this page have been verified to fit this axle configuration.

Axle Variations
  • Rear Dana 60HD (Full-Float)
  • Rear Dana 60HD (Semi-Float)
  • Rear Dana 60 Quadrasteer

Minor and Master Overhaul Kits

When servicing an axle or installing new gears or a new differential, it is a good idea to replace the internal seals, bearings, and any parts that get damaged during disassembly. These minor and master install kits include all of the high quality parts you need.

Axle Overhaul Kits
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Crown Race Gears

Ring and Pinion Gears

If you are changing tire size or want to improve the mileage or towing capability of your vehicle, then you'll want to change your axle's gear ratio. For help choosing the correct ratio, see the Crawlpedia Gear Ratio Guide.

Ring and Pinion Gears *Higher gears are available for 4.56 and up differentials.

Note: The Dana 60 axle has a 4.10/4.56 carrier break. To run 4.56 and higher gears on the 4.10 and down carrier, you will need to use "thick" gears. To learn more about carrier breaks, see Thick Gears and Carrier Breaks.

To change to a 4.56 and up differential for higher gear ratios or to run non-thick gears, you will need:
[ Dana 60 High Carrier Differentials ] + [ Dana 60 High Carrier Gears ]

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Differentials and Lockers

The best thing you can do to improve the traction of your vehicle is to install a differential locker or limited slip differential. For more information on each type of differential, click on the links below.

Differential Lockers

Most Dana 60 35 spline rear axles were built with full-floating axle shafts, however, some were made with semi-float shafts that are held in place using c-clips at the differential. If you are not sure which style axles you have, find your axles BOM number in the "Dana 60 BOM Check" expanding menu on this page.

These differentials will work with the original gears in your axle as well as any of the gears listed in the section above. If you are changing your gear ratio, please see the gear section above first.

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Axle Shafts

Replace your broken or worn out axle shafts with stock replacements or upgrade to high performance chrome-moly axle shafts to handle more power and larger tires.

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Note: Dana 60 axles use various length axle shafts. You will need to either measure your existing shafts to order the proper length or order a set that can be cut to size. Quadrasteer axles are not supported at this time.

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Axle Trusses

Beef up your Dana 60 axle housing with a precision cut and bent axle truss to handle larger tires and severe off-road abuse without flexing, bending, or breaking your axle.

Axle Trusses
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Tabs and Brackets

Converting to a 4-link suspension requires new shock mounts, link mounts, gussets, and tabs. Save yourself time, money and frustration with high quality, pre-fabricated, precision fit brackets.

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Differential Covers and Guards

Protect your differential with a heavy duty differential cover or bring down your differential temperatures with a high capacity finned cover for maximum heat dissipation.

Axle Trusses

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Differential Cover Gaskets

Red High-Temp RTV Silicone (available at your local auto parts store) is the most common way to seal the differential cover on a Dana 60 axle, however, several aftermarket manufacturers now offer reusable gaskets that are much cleaner.

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Gear Oil

Dana Spicer recommends 80w90 Mineral oil or 75W140 synthetic oil, however, we recommend 75w90 full-synthetic gear oil for all Dana 60 applications (plus a traction modifier for differentials that require it).

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Note: The Dana 60 rear axle takes 3.5 quarts of oil.

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Pinion Yokes

It is not common to need to replace a pinion yoke but in high horsepower applications, or if your driveshaft has been upgraded to larger u-joints, you may need to purchase a stronger and/or larger yoke.

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