How Many Splines Are On Your Dana 60 Axle Shafts?

Dana 60 axles with 4.56 and higher carriers were only available with 30 and 35 spline axle shafts. If your axle has a high carrier and 32 (Ford E-350 van) spline axle shafts, then it most likely has an aftermarket differential. 33 spline axle shafts used only in the GM Express Van are not an option for this configuration.

Dana 60 Spline Count

Many vehicles that came equipped with Dana 60 axles were offered with multiple axle shaft options so going off of the year make and model of the vehicle is not a reliable way to find your spline count. If you are unable to pull an axle shaft to count the splines, we suggest calling your local dealer with your vehicle's VIN number or using our Dana 60 Bill of Material Lookup Tool.

Dana 60 Identification